Art, Experience, Opportunity

Ikebana is the Japanese art of formal flower arrangement with special regard shown to balance, harmony, and form.

Kamakura Chapter #51 was established in 1961 by Mrs. Haruko Sato and other Ikebana enthusiasts. Current members have diverse experiences and talents. We have members with certifications in Ikebana, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing and Japanese Dance and Fine Arts, to name a few. Each month, members and their guests experience some of the area’s most interesting cultural and artistic talent. Events are held at locations of historical and cultural importance.

いけばなインターナショナル鎌倉⽀部は 1961年 鎌倉⾼徳院 (⼤仏殿) 故佐藤治⼦夫⼈をはじめ熱⼼ないけばな愛好家の⽅々を中⼼に設立されました。現在、いけばなを始め多方面の文化や芸術に精通した会員が大勢在籍しています。 月例会では、歴史豊かな文化的価値の高い会場などで、興味深い貴重な体験をすることができます